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Work, No Word Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad, Gulshan-E-Fatima Colony.

WNW Features

Recretional Facilities

Recreational Facilities

For living an ideally balanced life full of recreational the society has provide playground area.

WNW Salient Features

Salient Features

The salient feature are Security, Entrance Gateway, Guarded Physical Survillance, Security Gates & Walls

Public Building/Amenities

WNW provides Mosques, Jamat Khana, Water Filtration Plants, Graveyards and other necessary amenities.

President's Message

Bism Allah al-Rahman al-Rahim
On behalf of the Executive Committee of Work, No Word Cooperative Housing Society Limited Islamabad, I feel immense pleasure to welcome all of you to the website. The website will be the effective tool to provide our members and other interested individuals with updated information about society’s affairs and Gulshan-e-Fatima Housing Colony, which is the first project of Work, No Word Cooperative Housing Society. With the blessings of Almighty Allah we have achieved the desired aim and object to provide state of the art residential facilities in the center of twin cities (Islamabad and Rawalpindi) to the people on no loss no profit basis.
The performances of Management Committee and staff and cooperation of esteemed members are praiseworthy on achieving the various millstones and completing almost 98 percent of development work. Alhamdulillah, many families have shifted in the colony, and they are enjoying the amenities in open, clean and peaceful environment. The society has been gaining high reputation and excellent position among the societies since its inception because of transparent and quality work and cooperation of members. The Society has received “Award of Excellent Performance” from Circle Registrar Cooperative Societies, ICT, Islamabad on February 28, 2010.
We are available all the time for facilitations of our esteemed members and residents.
I wish, the society may become a model for others and your confidence and cooperation is very important for us.

Sherzad Ali Khan

Overview of WNWCHS

The ‘Work No Word Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad’ was established in the year 1999 with the objective to provide the members with high quality housing schemes in capital city. The society was registered under Registration Number365, with the Registrar Cooperative Societies Islamabad on January 25, 1999.  The aim and object for establishment of the Society was to provide state of the art residential facilities in the center of twin cities (Islamabad and Rawalpindi) to the people on no loss no profit basis.

Gulshan e-Fatima RoadsLand measuring 337 Kanals and 15Marlas was acquired in the jurisdiction of Islamabad/Rawalpindi near sector I-16/1 Islamabad. After completion of development work, 289 plots of different size (55×90, 40×80, 35×65 and 25×55) were carved out and allotted to the members of the Society in 2008. This colony was assigned the name as “Gulshan-e-Fatima” the first project of the society in the centre of twin cities (Islamabad and Rawalpindi)near sector I-16 Islamabad. It is a very beautiful, well planned housing scheme and offers comfortable and healthy lifestyle to the members.

Our society’s achievements demonstrate that we have done what others are just planning to do. We have met with all our commitments and plans in terms of enabling members to construct their houses with high quality and shift to the colony with all basic facilities’ and services available. Due to successful completion of the project, quality work and members’ satisfaction, the society got award one of the best cooperative societies in Islamabad/Rawalpindi from Circle Registrar Cooperative Societies, Department ICT,  Islamabad on February 28, 2010.We will continue our efforts to provide other interested members of the community with high quality residential facilities in twin cities.

Gulshan e Fatima Master Plan

Award of Excellent Performance to WNW Society

Gulshan-e-Fatima Houses Models

WNW 3D Models
55 x 90 External View
WNW Model View
35 x 65 External View
WNW Model View
40 x 80 External View
WNW Model View
25 x 55 External View
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