Final Notice to Defaulters of Construction Work

Dear member,

We want to bring to your kind notice that as per your agreement with the society, work on construction of your house was started in your plot No.——- on——-.  You were required to pay the installments timely but the society did not receive your installments timely. The expenditure of construction work had been met from development fund of the society. Despite of issuing a number of notices to you regarding payment of outstanding dues, you did not pay the dues. Because of your non-cooperation and not paying the dues timely the society had to face serious financial issues. As the development fund had been spent for house construction, therefore, remaining development work could not be completed timely. Over time the cost of development and construction work has increased 200 percent due to ever increasing inflation and rising prices of the materials. Please consider it a final notice to settle the outstanding dues amounting to Rs.—–by September 30, 2021. Failing which, the under construction house will be auctioned as per directives of Circle Registrar office, Islamabad after publishing defaulters’ names over daily newspapers. A cheque of deposited amount will be sent to you after making 10 percent deduction.




Work No Words Cooperative Housing Society


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