Construction Byelaws

Work No Word Cooperative Housing Society Ltd (Regd.) Islamabad

Following are the rules & regulations for construction:

  1. Approval of the map as per Byelaws of RDA before starting construction will be submitted in Society office.
  2. The member/owner is required to pay all dues of the society before starting construction work.
  3. Every member/contractor will follow plot internal spaces as per society rules:
Sr.No. Plot category Front One side 2nd side Back
1 25 x 55 5 ft.     5 ft.
2 35 x 65 10 ft. 4 ft.   7 ft.
3 40 x 80 10 ft. 5 ft.   7 ft/10 ft.
4 55 x 90 10 ft. 5 ft. 5 ft. 10 ft.
  • Each member will construct  boundary wall at left/right/back neighbor side area.
  • Maximum height of the building will be 37ft.
  • Owner/Contractor will use the construction material as per list provided by Society Architect/Engineer.
  • Visiting the under construction plot by society Engineer is required at various stages:
  • Plot Measurement and possession to owner.
  • Plot layout for Main Excavation.
  • After Excavation / Lean complete layout.
  • Checking of Steel footing including columns steel as per drawing / design.
  • Checking of Steel columns and shuttering of column before concreting.
  • Plinth Beam / Steel Shuttering.
  • Steel in columns / Above Plinth Beam.
  • Masonry up to lintel level.
  • Lintel (RCC) and Lintel Steel.
  • Roof Slab and Beam Shuttering.
  • Steel Reinforcement of Beam / Roof Slab.
  • Electric piping and other necessary piping in roof slab before concreting.
  • Electric piping in walls.
  • Plumbers work in the Bathroom and Kitchen.
  • During construction work the owner/contractor is not allowed to throw construction related materials, cutting steel, mixing materials, etc. on the roads. In case of violation, the construction work will be stopped and heavy fine will be charged.
  • The contractor is required to submit his company/firm profile to get NOC from the society by filling form and paying fee and fulfilling other requirements, otherwise permission will not be given to work in the society.
  • For road safety heavy machines including ruler, container etc. are not allowed without MC permission.
  • Boring for water on the plot/house will not be allowed without permission of the society.
  • The owner is required either to install meter of electricity or to arrange generator before starting construction work.
  • Water will be provided by the society at time of construction work and charges will be paid by the owner as per society policy.
  • Fixing railing gate outside the boundary wall is not allowed.
  • An encroachment outside the boundary wall is not allowed.
  • Throwing trash/waste materials (construction related) on others plots is not allowed.
  • During construction work the owner/ contractor will be responsible the safety of construction related materials. In case of any damage/theft the society will not be responsible.
  •  Transportation of construction related materials will not be allowed after 8:00 pm in the society.
  • Owner/Contractor will not be allowed to intervene of others property /construction Work.

Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Managing Committee

Work No word Cooperative Housing Society Ltd. (Regd.) Islamabad

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